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Our guided writing process helps you create a series of short stories representing different stages of your life.  These stories then connect those things that are most important to you with your loved ones.


Custom Keepsake Offerings Include:

* Standard Book Production  (up to 12 pages)

* Custom Book Production

* Oral History Services (Audio)




An Ethical Will allows you to pass your values down from one generation to the next.  



Live with purpose and intentionality by creating a plan that will help you positively impact the people and causes that you care most about.


For those that don't want to lose their family stories, but are too busy, may not know how to begin, or need help completing their life story projects.

Coming in 2018 - Life Stories on Video!!
"I honestly believe that a great novel could be written about each and every one of us. We all have wondrous tales written across our faces. Some are epic, some tragic, some hilarious, some elegiac and, of course, some are spare - but none would be uninteresting."                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Jack Spencer/Reader's Digest
"Do not pass through life without leaving something behind for others to learn from your experiences - even if no one but your children read it.  You may discover a "you" that you've never known."                                                                                                                                                                                               Antwone Fisher Commencement Address                                                                                       Cleveland State University
"Many people wrongly assume that the most important issue among families is money and wealth transfer - it's not.  What we found was the memories, the stories, the values were ten times more important to people than the money." 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Ken Dychtwald, best-selling author



Celebrate Milestones
Connect Generations
Share Life Experiences
Provide Wisdom & Guidance
Pass Down Cherished Memories
It's Time To Tell Your Story!

We help individuals and families preserve their

histories, memories, stories, and values for future generations.  



If you're interested let's talk!



Fun and interactive programs for Organizations and Communities

Our speaking engagements address the legacies of wisdom, values and generosity.


Life Reflection Stories
Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters
Your Legacy of Wisdom
Your Legacy of Values

Process and content provided with permission through a licensing agreement with Celebrations of Life®.      Product Samples are for illustrative purposes only.

Making A Difference Plans
Your Legacy of Generosity


I began my journey into Personal Legacy by listening to the stories of patients at a Hearing Healthcare practice. While partnering on improving the hearing of our patients, many began to share their personal stories. I quickly learned that although each and every story was unique, diverse and significant in its own right, they all had one thing in common. None of those priceless stories were being captured in a way that they could be passed down as a valuable gift or meaningful keepsake for loved ones.   


As a LifeSAGEr®, I have achieved the highest level of training and certification by Celebrations of Life®, an international leader in the area of Personal Legacy. This is important work and can be truly transforming for those completing the process.  Allow me to live out my legacy by helping you capture, preserve and share yours

Monty Rivers: Founder & President
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